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Expo Milan 2015

Milano EXPO 2015

Milan at the center of the World's incredible food variety. The inauguration of the 2015 Universal Exposition is not far off, EXPO, the event that in six months, from May 1-October 31, 2015, will bring circa 20 million visitors from all over the world to the city. An exposition dedicated to food, thanks to the chosen theme: "Nourish the Planet, Energy for Life".

The energy of populations, the fruit of Mother Earth, sustainable alternatives to our food survival, the protection of bio-diversity: all of this and the infinite Planet Food will be the themes of EXPO 2015.

The great history of the Planet's food and the individual stories of production in thematic itineraries and programs about the complex and variegated world of food. A journey around the world by means of its flavors and cultures in a dialogue which involves not only the resources but also technologies and sustainability, a dialogue which becomes food education.


130 Countries will be participating and will be housed in a new area north west of Milan, just a few kilometers from the city center. The EXPO 2015 area is a surface of nearly 1.1 million square meters, created by internationally famous designers and architects, among whom Jacques Herzog, Stefano Boeri and Ricky Burdet. The designers chose to integrate the fundamental INGREDIENTS to the future of humanity: food, water, and energy, in a simple urban structure which is based on the Roman Era and that includes one main boulevard along which different nations will participate with their stands.

Those Countries who will not be running their own stand, have been given the opportunity to participate in a Cluster, that is, a thematic area which will unite many Countries. The Clusters (RICE, COFFEE, COCOA, FRUIT AND LEGUMES, SPICES, CEREALS AND TUBERS, MEDITERRANEAN ORGANIC, ISLANDS SEA AND FOOD, ARID AREAS) are characterized by common areas, which unfold across functional spaces (market, exhibit, events and tastings), the food chain. Each country in the Clusters have an individual expository space where they develop their own interpretation of the Theme of Expo Milan 2015.

The Connection between EXPO 2015's Exposition Area and the city of Milan will be the EXPO GATE in the heart of Milan across from Sforzesco Castle.

The building, transparent, light, modular and open every day from 10:00 to 20:00 and, besides containing an INFO and TICKET POINT where you can receive information about the exhibits and buy tickets ahead of time, is a down-right generator of experiences which introduce EXPO and hosts a schedule of multi-discipline events for young and old.

You can see the calendar of events of EXPO GATE Milan at: www.expogatemilano.org

Based on the paintings of the Milan's own Giuseppe Arcimboldo, Disney studios created the Expo 2015 mascot: its name is FOODY and it is a loveable, cheerful puppet made of fruits and vegetables.

The name chosen, Foody, perfectly matches the values of the Universal Exposition respecting its identity: it represents the sense of community and combines diversity which it hopes to transmit to visitors from all over the world, beginning with the children, who from as early as January, can follow the adventures of Foody on television as well as on the internet.



Given the number of travelers expected to the city for the six month duration of EXPO 2015, staying in Milan during the EXPO could seem rather difficult and expensive. A wide network of bed and breakfasts, vacation homes, apartments available for rent to tourists, small hotels at competitive prices are available to you in the bbexpo circuit, in the city and in the province, in order to render your stay for the Universal Exposition a pleasant one, be it in Milan or the surrounding area. The accommodation structures of bbexpo offer a widespread, quality hospitality able to fully satisfy the guests' needs. Affordable pricing together with the high-quality standards and the diversifications of the services render the accommodation solutions of bbexpo unique and suitable for short or long stays in the city, alone or with others, for business or pleasure.



With regard to food, EXPO Milan is also the capital of taste with numerous restaurants and trattorias with local and regional - and even international - cuisine, has its own ample slice of local for those wanting to travel by means of their taste-buds. Whoever goes to Milan can't miss out on stopping in a bar of the historic old town to enjoy an tranquil cocktail, or for the by now traditional, popular happy hour which brings the Milanese pre-dinner hour to life.



This is not the first time Milan has been chosen as the location of a Universal Exposition. On April 28, 1906, the Expo dedicated to transportation was inaugurated here. At the time, the International Exposition hosted 200 stands placed behind the Sforzesco Castle in the Sempione Park area. Milan earned a starring role on the world scene, thanks to that event. A leading role which it maintains even today.

In 2014, Milan was the world's 13th most-visited city, and has been listed as one of 2015's most important destinations. An art city, design and architecture capital, fashion city, capital of shopping and of Made in Italy. Milan is to be discovered and rediscovered. A city in a rich evolution of services and opportunities; vivacious Medieval Town and important court during the Milan Renaissance, boasting also of a considerable part of the Italian patrimony thanks to its numerous museums, churches and historic buildings, not to mention its contemporary art and architecture, a distinctive sign of Italy's most dynamic and cosmopolitan city.

From the historic collections of the Accademia di Brera and of the Poldi Pezzoli Museum, or the incredible exhibitions at Palazzo Reale, you proceed to the creativity and the dynamism of the most modern exposition centers: the Triennale, the Hangar Bicocca, the Fabbrica del Vapore and the Rotonda di Via Besana, not to mention the 20th Century Museum at the Arengario, born in 2010 out of a desire to present to the public, in a permanent way, an itinerary dedicated to 20th-century Italian paintings and sculptures.



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